Sydney loves her Huggles

Sydney loves her Huggles Sydney loves her Huggles because she’s as tall as she is! She loves that she can give her great snuggles and that she has glasses on too, just like her best friend from Daycare (she also love that her huggles has underwear). I love the message that her Huggles doll sends….Grateful. It’s hard to teach a 4 year old how to be grateful, but it’s something we talk about all the time – how we need to be grateful for everything that we have in life – the people around us who love us, a house that keeps us safe and together and that we always have enough to keep us healthy and happy.
Signed: A grateful friend

My sister’s favorite food

My sister’s favorite food

My sister’s favorite food is chocolate. When my soccer team won the finals,
we all got chocolate bars. I was so excited about winning the game, and I was excited
to eat the chocolate too. In the car, on our way home, I opened up the chocolate,
and gave half to my sister so that we could share. Sharing my prize felt just as
good as winning the game itself.
Signed by: A fair friend

I had a play date

I had a play-date

Over the weekend I had a play-date with my best friend. We spent the whole day playing at the park, swinging on the swings and sliding down the slide. When we got home we decided to drink some lemonade, but there was only enough left for one glass. I wanted to be fair to my friend, so I poured us both some orange juice instead. I knew I could always drink the lemonade another time, and I didn’t want to leave her out. Being fair by sharing & trying to be equal, is easy & makes you happy.
Signed: A fair friend

Bia is my friend

Bia is my Friend

“Bia is my friend. She plays with me all the time and I like to play with her. We play House together. I like Bia because she sleeps in my bed and I can hug her. I like to carry her a lot and we can play computer games too. Bia is fair. I can be fair too… Sometimes I let my brother go first… And sometimes I do what my friend wants to do because maybe we can do what I want next.”
Signed: A fair friend

Great Divide Gets Back to Basics

Great Divide Gets Back to Basics with New “My Friend Huggles” Line of Dolls

Article by: Mitchell Whitfield

“In a time where most figures and dolls for kids are being decked out with computer chips, USB connectors and internal memory, My Friend Huggles dolls are beautifully simple, and choose to promote values (kindness, generosity and honesty) over bells and whistles. Though technology is not completely out of the picture (there is an interactive website), these dolls rely on a much more important connection–their connection with your children.”

Great Divide Gets Back to Basics with New My Friend Huggles Line of Dolls