Being cheerful made the trip go by faster

A cheerful friendEvery holiday, my family takes a road trip down to Florida for a week in the sun. It usually takes three days, which is a long time to spend in a car. I made up a game where I look out the window and try to find as many beautiful things as I can. This trip, I saw a blue jay, a beautiful lake with an island in the middle, and a family of horses! Being cheerful made the trip go by faster, and made it a lot more fun.
Signed: A cheerful friend

Being cheerful can make the day fun for everyone


My Friend HugglesYesterday, my parents and me went to go visit my grandfather for his birthday. I was so excited to see him, that I gave him a big hug the minute he opened the door. My cousins, aunts and uncles were also there and I gave them a big smile and hugs too. I spent the whole afternoon laughing and having fun with my family. I even sang happy birthday and helped my grandfather blow out the candles on her cake! I was really happy to be there, and I learned that being cheerful can make the day fun for everyone.
Signed: A cheerful friend

Her new best friends never get tired of hugging!

My Friend Huggles Rubi DollMarisa said the best thing about her new best friends is they never get tired of hugging!!! Bia has taught Marisa to share all her toys, books and dress up clothes with her baby sister Gabby. Rubi has taught Marisa to be grateful for all the extra help she gets from her teachers, friends and family. Marisa is excited to try the challenges on the My Friend Huggles web site and can’t wait to share her accomplishments with all her family and friends!!
Signed: A generous friend