My Friend Huggles Lily doll helps children with developmental disabilities learn kindness

My Friend Huggles Lily Doll Review: The Beauty of it All

“I was very excited to introduce a My Friend Huggles doll to my students. We received Lily whose character trait was kind. My students were very exited when we opened the box and removed Lily. I explained Lily’s character trait and gave them examples of how she would be kind to others and how they could be too. Later in the day we visited the website and read the challenge for kindness. My students are 3 and 4 and with developmental disabilities, so I modified it a little for them. I read aloud what the kindness challenge was then throughout the week I pointed out things we could do to be kind like helping a friend who fell down, comforting a crying friend, and sharing a toy with a friend. At the end of the week I gave each child the My Friend Huggles certificate for kindness that you can print out from their website. It was a perfect timing as we were wrapping up the end of our Friends theme. Lily now sits in our reading corner and the kids enjoy reading to her, or just laying with her when they need some time alone to calm down. My students and I really enjoy having her around and they have learned a lot about kindness.”

The Beauty of it All
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My Friend Huggles Kira Doll Review: Mommy Does Blog

“One really cool thing about My Friend Huggles doll Kira is that she has underclothes that are white. Little Girl loved that, since she too uses a “big girl” potty! One really sweet touch that Kira has is her virtue tag on the back of her neck. It reads: ‘I am now your best friend forever! And you are also my favorite. A friend is someone you choose. With a friend I smile. My Friend Huggles and I like to be cheerful. I see goodness and beauty each and every day. With the warmth of my laughter and a smile, this is my special way.’ This tag is also in French on the tag beneath the pink one. I love that Kira LOOKS like Little Girl. We have the hardest time finding toys that depict her own race. We are accepting of any doll, but this one is special just for her!”

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My Friend Huggles Lily Doll Review: Mommy Who Loves Giveaways

“The doll is more than just a doll, it’s a companion that helps build your child’s character. Following the incredibly successful launch at New York Toy Fair 2012, My Friend Huggles, the endearing, edu-fun, life size dolls, have recently been awarded three prestigious awards from Creative Child Magazine, namely for Toy of the Year!

When given the opportunity to review a doll from My Friend Huggles my daughter and I were both very excited. I let my daughter view the video on their website and she was ecstatic and had a very hard time choosing only one. Once we made our selection she asked every day when her new BFF was going to arrive. We received Lily, who is now called “Lily Lou” and my daughter fell in love with her from the time we opened the box.”

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My Friend Huggles Mia Doll Review: Ohayo Okasan

“All of the dolls are designed with Friendly, engaging eyes, they offer hair play which is said to stimulate imagination and creativity, and they all are able to be dressed up in clothes that no longer fit your little girl, or still fit your little girl. They are soft, so they’re nice to cuddle and hug.”

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Mia Keeps Me Honest at Night

Mia is helping her new best friend at night. Lil’ B is afraid of noises in the night, but now she has Mia to stay with her and remind her to only call her Mommy and Daddy when she absolutely needs them.

Signed: A Honest Friend from The Eco Chic

Good luck Lil’ B!! We know it can sometimes be scary at night in the dark – but Mia is brave, and you can be brave with her!!