My Friend Huggles Kira Doll Review: Mommy Does Blog

“One really cool thing about My Friend Huggles doll Kira is that she has underclothes that are white. Little Girl loved that, since she too uses a “big girl” potty! One really sweet touch that Kira has is her virtue tag on the back of her neck. It reads: ‘I am now your best friend forever! And you are also my favorite. A friend is someone you choose. With a friend I smile. My Friend Huggles and I like to be cheerful. I see goodness and beauty each and every day. With the warmth of my laughter and a smile, this is my special way.’ This tag is also in French on the tag beneath the pink one. I love that Kira LOOKS like Little Girl. We have the hardest time finding toys that depict her own race. We are accepting of any doll, but this one is special just for her!”

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