My Friend Huggles Lily doll helps children with developmental disabilities learn kindness

My Friend Huggles Lily Doll Review: The Beauty of it All

“I was very excited to introduce a My Friend Huggles doll to my students. We received Lily whose character trait was kind. My students were very exited when we opened the box and removed Lily. I explained Lily’s character trait and gave them examples of how she would be kind to others and how they could be too. Later in the day we visited the website and read the challenge for kindness. My students are 3 and 4 and with developmental disabilities, so I modified it a little for them. I read aloud what the kindness challenge was then throughout the week I pointed out things we could do to be kind like helping a friend who fell down, comforting a crying friend, and sharing a toy with a friend. At the end of the week I gave each child the My Friend Huggles certificate for kindness that you can print out from their website. It was a perfect timing as we were wrapping up the end of our Friends theme. Lily now sits in our reading corner and the kids enjoy reading to her, or just laying with her when they need some time alone to calm down. My students and I really enjoy having her around and they have learned a lot about kindness.”

The Beauty of it All
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