My Friend Huggles Review: The Midnight Helper

“I have seen many many dolls in my life but the My Friend Huggles is by far the best doll around. Not only are they very cute and adorable, they were built for a purpose that so many young girls of today’s world deal with.

They are companion dolls that help build your child’s character. My Friend Huggles was featured just this year in New York 2012 Toy Fair, their lifestyle dolls have recently been awarded three prestigious awards from Creative Child Magazine, naming them Toy Of The Year for 2012!

I was thrilled when I was given the opportunity to review a doll from My Friend Huggles. I knew my daughter would to have one. Before we even received the doll my daughter and I viewed their website not once, not twice but three times. LOL. First, I will say it is the most child friendliest website I’ve seen in a while. We listened to the music and watched the video a few times, we read every detail about each doll’s character.”

The Midnight Helper
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