My Friend Huggles Contest – 22 days in, 11 to go

My Friend Huggles Contest imageWith an outpouring of heart felt stories about children’s kind, grateful, fair, generous, honest and cheerful acts, we at My Friend Huggles are overwhelmed and humbled by your children’s accomplishments and perseverance. Parents and care givers, thank you for participating in our contest and sending in stories. On December 18th, picking a winner will be a daunting task!

Below are quotes from some of the contest submissions so far. We’ve decided to share these because they send a beautiful message. Sometimes the smallest hearts are the biggest of all.

“…going through chemo treatments…has been real trooper… she loves making things, learning…favorite activity while in the hospital was making dolls… she is a special little girl”

“I know a little girl…who has all the six qualities listed, and she’s humorous…always makes me laugh.”

“It is not the stories that we experience everyday with our girl but the ones people tell us…[she] is compassionate towards others and always has a smile on her face.”

“…she is my daughter, she is my world. We are having a very hard time this year with money…I would love for her to have something special to open that she would love.”

“…we’ve been really struggling… she is so young but understands things are tough…decided she’d try to help Santa, and give some of her old toys and baby toys to other kids so they have a nice holiday.”

“…[she] has been so attentive to our new fur babies [kittens]… reminds her younger sister to be gentle with them as well. It warms my heart to see her being so kind to others.”

“…A few weeks ago she told me her friend fell off the swing at school and she helped her up and gave her a hug because she was crying….”

“while…[her] little sister…is having fits and crying… [she]quietly sits and doesn’t get angry with her, and most times will try to make her laugh…”

“…[he] is my biggest helper…is the first to offer to help her [sister] pick up in her room, make her something to eat, play a game with her…”

“…she’s…sick all the time but she is very kind to others and gives her toys away when a kid she knows has nothing.”

“…so impressed that he shared his first ever Marshmallow with his baby sister…”

“…she regularly helps with laundry and cleanup around the house and is known to give out dozens of hugs a day…”

“Her teacher said that when the kids come in and if they are sad that their parents are leaving she’ll take their hand and say ‘it’ll be ok, they will come back and get you after work’…”

“… She is always willing to help mom and dad by cleaning up her toys and vacuuming with her little plastic vacuum…”

“…She is always willing to help out…in the kitchen. She tells me…’I am a big girl now I can do the dishes all by myself, you can go sit down and relax I will take care of you!’”

“…[she] has a bigger smile with an even bigger heart…has a brother…and sister…Every day after school she sits with them and teaches them what she knows…”

“… She has fought through so many obstacles in her short life but she has done it all with a smile on her face and love in her heart!…”

“…she’s always kind, generous, says ‘Thank you & your welcome.’ She is always cheerful & happy…she is always joyful and laughs and smiles.”