My Friend Huggles Announces its Character Value Contest Winner!

After an abundance of beautiful, heartwarming stories about kind, grateful, fair, generous, honest and cheerful children we have a winner!

A kind little girl who is empathetic:

“When I was picking up my daughter from daycare last week her teacher told me that my daughter, Kelsey is a really good friend to her friends! Her teacher said that when the kids come in & if they are sad that their parents are leaving she’ll take their hand and say “it’ll be ok; they will come back and get you after work”. Kelsey’s teacher said it’s the sweetest thing. That makes me so proud that she is so kind and helpful to her friends!”

Congratulations Kelsey, keep up the great work! Thank-you to everyone who sent in submissions, we deeply value our My Friend Huggles community! Please continue to share and interact with us online and stay posted for future contest news!