My Friend Huggles Character Value Contest: Honourable Mentions

Our company-hosted Character Value Contest has been a great success! Parents and care givers, thank you for participating and sharing your children’s stories. Though we received too many to share them all, below are a few that we felt deserved honorable mentions:

A generous little girl who teaches her siblings:

“This is my story about my beautiful daughter Onyx. She is 5 years old and has a bigger smile with an even bigger heart. She has a younger brother 2 and sister 4, which she reads simple basic stories to every night. Every day after school she sits with them and teaches them what she knows. It’s simply amazing! I am so proud of her and my other kids. She is always doing above and beyond for people, even if it’s as simple as getting a spoon for the other when it’s time to eat or helping get them dress. She has received many compliments, always in school, for being a great citizen, teacher’s helper as well as a role model to her fellow students. I am so unbelievably happy to be blessed with her.”

A generous little girl who is charitable:

“I think my five year old daughter deserves a My friend Huggles doll. She is such a sweet child who cares about other children. She helped me go through all of her toys in her room to give to children who need them for Christmas. A few weeks ago she told me her friend fell off the swing at school and she helped her up and gave her a hug because she was crying. She makes me so proud.”

A cheerful little girl which has smiled through many challenges:

“With everything Ulani goes through she always has a smile on her face. When you see her smile anything you are going through or stressing about suddenly doesn’t seem to matter. She has fought through so many obstacles in her short life but she has done it all with a smile on her face and love in her heart!”

A fair little boy who is giving:

“This summer I got invited to a Stampede Party with my 2 children, Malcolm 4 and Rose 2. There were the traditional pancakes and bacon but there were also candies. My son was given a Marshmallow which he had never tried. He bit happily into it and loved it. He then turned around and gave the rest to his sister saying: Have some it is good. I was so impressed that he shared his first ever Marshmallow with his baby sister. You could see on his face he wanted to share the experience of a marshmallow with his sister. He is such a loving kid.”

A kind little girl which is helpful:

“My daughter Madilyn, 5, I have to say has been the most kind, grateful, fair, generous and honest big sister!! Her little sister Clara, now 2, as I am sure most families can relate to is now a terrible two and Madilyn does everything she can to help me and her daddy out. She is also the most patient girl I have ever seen. While Clara is having fits and crying, Madilyn quietly sits and doesn’t get angry with her, and most times will try to make her laugh – which usually works! Madilyn makes my life as a busy mom all that much better by being a great sister and helper to me. I’m sure she doesn’t know it, but she is going to be a great mom someday too. A Huggles could be her own little friend that I know she would take care of with all her little heart (and wouldn’t always have to hear it cry).”