Parents, we have beautiful, free downloadable Achievement Certificates for children!

We have free resources to help you teach your children character values! Visit our website and click-through our character value webpages for Gratefulness, Honesty, Kindness, Cheerfulness, Generosity and Fairness. Help your child learn a Character Value by reading through the examples on the “Let’s Play” pages.  Encourage your little one to do something that is an example of one of the character values. As a reward, proceed to our Character Value Certificate page and print out the certificate for the value your child has learned. Share what your child has learned! Help other children learn character values by sharing what your child has done on our My Friend Huggles Blog Site.

My Friend Huggles Certificates

my friend huggles cheerful certificateMy Friend Huggles Fair CertificateMy Friend Huggles Generous CertificateMy Friend Huggles Honest CertificateMy Friend Huggles Kind CertificateMy Friend Huggles Grateful CertificateVisit to upload My Friend Huggles’ certificates.