Retailers Photos: Check out My Friend Huggles’ Rubi doll all dressed up for Spring in Kool & Child’s Facebook banner!

Kool & Child's Facebook PageGreat photo Kool & Child! Kool & Child is Vancouver Island’s largest specialty toy store! Over 6000 sq ft of quality toys & learning tools to surprise and delight all ages!
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Music Teaches Young Children Many Things

Rubi's bongoLittle children love music and can learn so much from a simple beat or pattern. Whether you simply let your child drum pots, bang spoons, or you purchase items like Rubi’s bogo, it’s important to give them musical time. They learn agility, numbers, repetition, memorization, expression of self…and the list goes on—let your little one make some noise!

The Giggle Guide Reviews My Friend Huggles

The Giggle Guide Review: My Friend Huggles Teaches Values and Virtues
By Stephanie Hanlon – Friday, March 22nd 2013

“The development of character is woefully diminished if parents are trying to keep up with the Joneses. While worrying about whether little Molly can walk before her playmate or whether Tommy knows his ABCs in three languages, parents occasionally ignore the most important part of life: good morals. My Friend Huggles are life-size friendship dolls that capture kids’ attention and hearts with positive messages. Kids love to hug and snuggle up with them, but they are also educational because each one has its own positive personality trait for children to embrace.”

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Lily has a True Friend

Adel and her true friend Lily“Here’s a picture of Adele (3) with her best friend Lily, who she takes pretty much everywhere with her… Lily is very dear and special to Adele, she shares her bed (thank God she has a double!!!) and sits with us at the table… Lily really became part of our family and Adele takes care of her like a true friend would…On the picture, Lily came with us to a restaurant outing 😉 ~ Sarah”

Thanks so much for sharing how Lily has become part of your family!

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My Friend Huggles

Imagine a huggable, lovable, soft life-sized doll your daughter will snuggle with, that can also teach her a special virtue. Review: My Friend Huggles – A Truly Life-Size Doll
Posted by Editor at 3/11/2013 11:10 AM

“Kudos!  “My Friend Huggles” has created a unique concept. Imagine a huggable, lovable, soft life-sized doll your daughter will snuggle with, that can also teach her a special virtue…Hands down this doll was a hit with the entire class. Her life-size stature, friendly features and “Special Virtue” made the “My Friend Huggles” line of dolls very attractive for any girl ages 3 years old and up.”

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