We are proud and honoured to be supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation

At My Friend Huggles it is our sincerest goal to nourish the development of character values in children and support their emotional wellbeing. We are proud and honoured to be supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation because they provide kindness, cheer and laughter through difficult times. They are a meaningful emotionally supportive organization for children who live with serious illness or injuries. Starlight focuses on providing the happy moments children need to be able to endure insurmountable difficulties with confidence and courage—they are the support that provides smiles for those that need them the most.

Since 1989, Starlight Children’s Foundation has enhanced the lives of countless children and their families across Canada. By granting wishes, providing state-of-the-art Fun Centers for audiovisual entertainment in pediatric hospitals, as well as the Hospital Happenings program offering great parties, shows, activity kits and crafts to young patients, and the Great Escapes program inviting children and their families to unique monthly outings, over 21,000 children now benefit from the Foundation’s services in Canada each month, with over 5,000 in Quebec. Services are provided for children with serious, chronic or life threatening illnesses, aged 4 – 18 years.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has chapters in Montreal and Toronto, as well as expansion committees in Vancouver and Ottawa. The Starlight international headquarters are located in Los Angeles. Stephen Spielberg is President Emeritus of Starlight Children’s Foundation. With Starlight chapters worldwide, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Canada, we brighten the lives of over 85,000 sick children every month.

“Lifting spirits daily” is their motto and is exactly what they do.

“There’s no greater value than showing kindness and happiness to a child in need. I am grateful there is an organization like The Starlight Foundation for Children, which brings cheer and emotional support to the children who need hope, courage, and a friendly smile.”  says My Friend Huggles president Brenda Katz.


My Friend Huggles Bia Doll with Liam, My Friend Huggles Campaign of Hope

Picking a toy that has longevity, advice from a Mom that has seen them all.

What do you look for in a toy or doll purchase? Which are the toys that are not merely dust collectors but have the potential to become family heirlooms? My children are now twelve and fourteen and I can assure you the products that moved through my house were numerous. Blocks, cups, trains, trucks, cars, planes, animal sets, people, babies, puppets, plastic food and the list could go on. Endless amounts of stuff. Numerous gifts, purchases, all given with the hope that the money spent would be of value and contribute to my son or daughters life. Continually I hunted for items that would entertain my kids, make them happy, make them feel, provide them with skills and make them think. All the stuff we sign up for right? All the things we vow to do as good parents. Well, looking back I find myself wondering if somewhere along the line we’ve lost the simplicity of what a child needs and wants. I write this, because of all the items my husband and I purchased, the simplest toy had longevity above all others.

To this day a life-size monkey graces our family’s memory chest. Denny, as we called him, was carried everywhere for several years, was the constant companion our boy watched TV with and was the friend that was snuggled up beside him in bed for eight years. Still now, when I see that monkey I can see my son’s sweet little face asleep beside him, his small arms wrapped tightly around his neck – for this visual Mom, irreplaceable, reoccurring memories. So I ask again, what do you look for in a toy or doll purchase and which are the toys that have the potential to become family heirlooms? This Mom can recommend you look for a life-size, plush, cuddly companion for your son or daughter. My son had his monkey; I only wish My Friend Huggles life-sized, plush dolls were around when my daughter was little.

A Huggles Mom

Happy Customer fell in love with My Friend Huggles Dolls!

Happy Customer fell in Love with My Friend Huggles Dolls!

“I just came back from a store near my house and saw the Huggles dolls. I immediately fell in love with them! They are the perfect dream doll for any little girl and I just love the whole meaning of them. It’s so different than anything we have ever seen. I will go back next week and pick them up for my girls since it is my daughters Bday next week I will give it to her and I know she will “flip out” when she sees it and so will all her friends 🙂 You did an amazing job, Congratulations to you and your whole team, we are so happy for you, and I ‘m sure the Huggles will be a great success.” ~ Best Regards, Nicole & Jason

Thank-you so much for these inspiring words!
With gratitude,
My Friend Huggles

My Friend Huggles Donation Helped Human Promise Raise Funds for Aboriginal Communities

My Friend Huggles Donation Helped Human Promise Raise Funds for Aboriginal Communities

“On behalf of the Human Promise and ONExONE, I would like to thank you so much for donating your Huggle doll to Human Promise Hockey Tournament. It was extremely generous of you, and we appreciate it. I’m pretty sure that a teacher from LCC won the doll in the raffle and she absolutely loves it! Thanks so much! This year’s hockey tournament raised over four thousand dollars that are being donated to help bring fresh food, fresh water, and provide breakfasts to several Aboriginal communities across Quebec. Your donation helped sell many raffle tickets and allowed us to achieve our goal. It could not have been accomplished without your help and continued support for the organization.”

Avery Adessky
Co-Organizer Human Promise Hockey Tournament

Our My Friend Huggles doll has been a constant sidekick for our daughter with ASD

Our My Friend Huggles doll has been a constant sidekick for our daughter with ASDMy daughters’ rec’d their Huggles this past Christmas from Santa. It was a big hit with both girls! I recommended to Santa that Huggles would be a great addition to their ever-growing collection of toys. They do not flash or have loud music coming from interior speakers (thank goodness), they won’t teach the girls to count, read or do multiplication tables. They do however offer an opportunity for our girls to have a friend with them wherever they go. My girls just love their Huggles. They’ve napped, had lunch and of course, had tea parties with them. They have also opened up new opportunities for me and my husband to help teach and encourage good values such as fairness, sharing and kindness using their Bia Huggles.

I was so impressed with these Huggles; I purchased them for some of my friends at work to give to their children. One of my friends has a child with a serious medical condition and visits the local children’s hospital often for tests and procedures. I have heard that her Huggle, Rubi has been a constant companion on her frequent medical trips and stays, always by her side.

I also purchased a Sofia for a friend with a child on the autism spectrum, not unlike one of my own children. Many times kids on the autism spectrum have difficulty socializing with their peers. Our Huggle has been a constant sidekick for my daughter with ASD and a great conversation starter for her when she meets new children.

We are very grateful for a toy that is not only cute and lovable, but allows us another venue to teach our girls values that are evermore lacking in today’s society. I will continue to give Huggles to friends and family members with young children. It is a concept that I am supportive of and a gift I feel good giving.

Ana, A Huggles Mom!


My Friend Huggles Retailer News: The Cape House Shop

My Friend Huggles Retailer Spotlight: The Cape House Shop Cape House Shop…not your typical card shop! The Cape House Shop is now carrying My Friend Huggles! Order by phone by calling 508-240-0551 or visit them at Skaket Corners Shopping Center, 9 West Road Orleans, MA 02653 Cape Cod. For more information email info@capehouseshop.com or go to http://capehouseshop.com/my-friend-huggles