Picking a toy that has longevity, advice from a Mom that has seen them all.

What do you look for in a toy or doll purchase? Which are the toys that are not merely dust collectors but have the potential to become family heirlooms? My children are now twelve and fourteen and I can assure you the products that moved through my house were numerous. Blocks, cups, trains, trucks, cars, planes, animal sets, people, babies, puppets, plastic food and the list could go on. Endless amounts of stuff. Numerous gifts, purchases, all given with the hope that the money spent would be of value and contribute to my son or daughters life. Continually I hunted for items that would entertain my kids, make them happy, make them feel, provide them with skills and make them think. All the stuff we sign up for right? All the things we vow to do as good parents. Well, looking back I find myself wondering if somewhere along the line we’ve lost the simplicity of what a child needs and wants. I write this, because of all the items my husband and I purchased, the simplest toy had longevity above all others.

To this day a life-size monkey graces our family’s memory chest. Denny, as we called him, was carried everywhere for several years, was the constant companion our boy watched TV with and was the friend that was snuggled up beside him in bed for eight years. Still now, when I see that monkey I can see my son’s sweet little face asleep beside him, his small arms wrapped tightly around his neck – for this visual Mom, irreplaceable, reoccurring memories. So I ask again, what do you look for in a toy or doll purchase and which are the toys that have the potential to become family heirlooms? This Mom can recommend you look for a life-size, plush, cuddly companion for your son or daughter. My son had his monkey; I only wish My Friend Huggles life-sized, plush dolls were around when my daughter was little.

A Huggles Mom