We are proud and honoured to be supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation

At My Friend Huggles it is our sincerest goal to nourish the development of character values in children and support their emotional wellbeing. We are proud and honoured to be supporting Starlight Children’s Foundation because they provide kindness, cheer and laughter through difficult times. They are a meaningful emotionally supportive organization for children who live with serious illness or injuries. Starlight focuses on providing the happy moments children need to be able to endure insurmountable difficulties with confidence and courage—they are the support that provides smiles for those that need them the most.

Since 1989, Starlight Children’s Foundation has enhanced the lives of countless children and their families across Canada. By granting wishes, providing state-of-the-art Fun Centers for audiovisual entertainment in pediatric hospitals, as well as the Hospital Happenings program offering great parties, shows, activity kits and crafts to young patients, and the Great Escapes program inviting children and their families to unique monthly outings, over 21,000 children now benefit from the Foundation’s services in Canada each month, with over 5,000 in Quebec. Services are provided for children with serious, chronic or life threatening illnesses, aged 4 – 18 years.

The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada has chapters in Montreal and Toronto, as well as expansion committees in Vancouver and Ottawa. The Starlight international headquarters are located in Los Angeles. Stephen Spielberg is President Emeritus of Starlight Children’s Foundation. With Starlight chapters worldwide, in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Japan and Canada, we brighten the lives of over 85,000 sick children every month.

“Lifting spirits daily” is their motto and is exactly what they do.

“There’s no greater value than showing kindness and happiness to a child in need. I am grateful there is an organization like The Starlight Foundation for Children, which brings cheer and emotional support to the children who need hope, courage, and a friendly smile.”  says My Friend Huggles president Brenda Katz.


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