A warm testimonial to My Friend Huggles from the Mom of a hospitalized little girl.

This testimonial came from Melanie Boutlet, Mom of little 3 year old Abygel, after a hospital visit from My Friend Huggles.

Abygael received her doll when she was 2 years old from her grandma. Since that day they are the best of friends, Abygael feeds her, dances with her and sings her songs. Her doll even follows her when she sleeps at grandma’s. After being admitted to the hospital following her accident, her Rubi doll continues to comfort her. She has been here 3 weeks now. – Melanie Boutlet

Thanks so much for taking the time to write to us! We love hearing from parents, grandparents & caregivers and it warms our hearts to know that our hospital doll donations are making a difference.

With Love & Huggles
My Friend Huggles