My Friend Huggles Brings Cheerfulness to Haiti!

Big Dolls Making a Big Difference. 

Haiti project photo

This summer, two students at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University found a way to bring My Friend Huggles to people who need them.

With the help of the Institute for Health and Social Policy, they travelled all the way to Haiti to support an ongoing training program that is one of the most important initiatives to train rehabilitation providers. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere with 80% of its population of 10 million living in great poverty (PAHO 1998). Haiti also has the lowest level of healthcare spending in the Western hemisphere.

My Friend Huggles dolls allowed them to help teach treatment techniques, so that kids could have access to the healthcare they need. Moreover, the Kira dolls brought a smile to many kids in the rehabilitation room while they were there for therapy.

A little smile goes a long way.

My Friend Huggles can make someone’s day.

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Ambassador of Kindness – Contest Winner!

Kindness Ambassador

Congratulations to Kyra from Halifax, Nova Scotia! After having brain surgery she woke up and wanted to start coloring. She colored pages to give to other kids in the hospital to make them happy because everyone should smile. 

Being an Ambassador of Kindness is showing other people you care, and making them feel special.

Kindness month is over, but the Kindness Movement is just beginning. Keep your stories coming, and Huggle it forward!

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August is Cheerful Month!



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A little smile goes a long way,

Being cheerful can make someone’s day.

Huggle it forward!

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