Grandparent’s Day is Here: Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids and Their Grandparents

Grandparents Day is this Sunday and if you are like most parents, you want to make sure that your children and their grandparents are able to share a part of this special day. While gifts are great, what Grandmas and Grandpas really love is the time spent with their little ones.

Near or far, here are a number of activities that you can do with your kids and their grandparents to make this Grandparent’s Day one to remember:

Write a Song

music for kids 4

One of the things you can do with your kids if you are feeling creative is to have them write a song for their grandparents. Choose a song that they already know the tune to, then change the words to talk about how much they love their grandparents. This is something that your kids can do in person or, thanks to technology, something they can do from afar. Using words like “love,” “caring,” “laugh,” “help” and more can all sound wonderful in a song.

Put on a Play or Puppet Show


Another thing that can be fun for your kids and their grandparents is for your kids to put on a play or puppet show. They can even use their My Friend Huggles doll as part of the performance. Make the play a celebration of the relationship between a child and their grandparent allowing your children to think of ideas from the heart.

Create a Time Capsule


Find an airtight container and write “2014” on it. Both your kids and their grandparents can include a letter to their future selves, photos and wishes for each other. Since Sunday is suppose to be a sunny day, it’ll be the perfect time to take your time capsule and find a special place in the backyard to burry it. Just make sure to note down where you put it!

Get Crafty


If they have just a few hours to spend together, we’ve got awesome ideas for great gifts that your children can make for, or with, their grandparents.

Fill out a Grandparents Journal


This Grandparents Journal is a gift that kids and their Grandparents can enjoy together. This book serves as a neat keepsake to record family traditions; Grandparent’s can document their childhood stories to pass on as well as the joys that being a Grandparent have brought them. If your kids are old enough they can be the ones to write the stories their Grandparents tell them into the book.

What are you doing for Grandparents Day? Huggle-it-forward and share your stories below.