October 11th – International Day of the Girl

Girls_dayOctober 11th is the 3rd annual International Day of the Girl Child.  That mean around the world, the United Nations declared October 11th as the official International Observance day to support more opportunity for girls, and increase awareness of inequality that girls live with worldwide based on their gender.

And we can thank Canada!
Canada sponsored the resolution to the UN National General Assembly a delegation of women and girls made presentations at the 55th United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

Each year’s Day of the Girl has a theme; the first was Ending Child Marriage, the 2nd, Innovating for Girl’s Education, and this year’s 2014 theme is
Empowering Adolescent Girls: Ending the Cycle of Violence.

Team My Friend Huggles is fully behind this amazing initiative and we support the efforts that bring attention to the inequality and challenges faced by girls everywhere, including; access to education, nutrition, legal rights, medical care, discrimination, violence and child marriage.

According to UNESCO, of the almost 800 million adults around the world that cannot read, 64% are women.

Team Huggles applaud the team at  LitWorld For their
10,000 Girls Initiative —LitWorld is a U.S.-based nonprofit on their  campaign to fight illiteracy around the world. They have declared International Day of the Girl to educate 10,000 Girls across the Globe. Their mission: “that 64% will disappear — no matter how long it takes.”  (only 30% of girls in the world are enrolled in secondary school).

So what  can you do?

Call to action #1

Support this LitWorld’s campaign as a tangible, poignant goal for organizations, volunteers and donors who want to get involved but may have not known where to begin.
You can find Lit World Here:  http://www.litworld.org
You can find Global Girls Rising Here: http://globalgirlsrising.org  (Global Girls
Rising, is partnering with LitWorld)

Team Huggles invites you to Celebrate the power and potential of girls!

We Support Plan Canada
Plan Facts
Plan was founded in 1937. Today Plan is one of the world’s largest international development agencies.
Plan is not for profit, independent and inclusive of all faiths and cultures.

Call to Action #2
How to celebrate Day of the Girl
Join the #BrighterFuture movement
We know investing in girls is key to creating a brighter, safer future for everyone. When girls are educated, healthy and informed, they lift themselves, their children and their entire communities out of poverty.
Be part of the global movement! Share a note of inspiration, real or virtual, and create a powerful statement of support for girls’ rights globally.
Find out more Here:
Call to Action #3
The Day of the Girl Summit

Help bring girls and girl-serving organizations together to celebrate the International Day of the Girl. The Summit has become a movement; a year-long, action-oriented, virtual platform for change makers to leverage community resources in support the advancement of girls’ human rights.
Goal to reach 1,000 Girls no matter where she lives to bet a chance to be part of the IDG 2014 Celebration by: sharing special messages, pictures, photos, or wearing an official IDG t-shirt. She will get to add her voice to over 500 girls at the United Nations on October 10th. And by using the Official IDG 2014 Avatar in her social media, she can show the world how she celebrates Girls’ Human Rights.
Together, we can shine a light on our shared vision and mission of a world where every girl gets to fulfill her potential without oppression, fear or gender discrimination.

“When girls see other girls sharing their stories and speaking up for education, against discrimination, about the needs for equal protection and opportunity for girls everywhere, they see that they can speak up, too. They will add their voice to this growing movement. And they will take action.” Geena Davis Foundation
Remember!!  you can help. Together, we can change the world.