A heartfelt “Thank-You and Happy New Year” from the My Friend Huggles Family

Children are our most precious gift. They are innocent, adaptive and intuitively trusting. They are our present, our future and our longevity. They deserve our respect, our patience and our commitment. Teaching them fundamental values is one our greatest responsibilities. At My Friend Huggles we’ve started with kindness, gratitude, fairness, honesty, generosity, and cheerfulness. We’ve themed our dolls and social media with these values. We’ve created resources & an on-line community centered on sharing children’s accomplishments and the teaching of character values. 2012 has been a great first year for My Friend Huggles; we couldn’t be happier and more excited about making a difference in the lives of children. Whether you’ve purchased a doll, submitted heartfelt words, shared information or passed on our message ~ we can’t thank you enough! To all of you out there, a huge “Thank You & Happy New Year!” With Love & Huggles, The My Friend Huggles family.

My Friend Huggles Team December 2012Photo: From left to right; Myles, Julia, David, Brenda, Lisa, Vanessa, Jessica, & David.

Here’s what the girls are doing for Mother’s Day…


My Friend Huggles Lily Doll

Lily… For Mother’s Day, I want my mom to relax and have fun. Every day she’s
stressed, today is her day and I will work to make sure its awesome and fun!
Signed: Lily, a kind friend


My Friend Huggles Mia Doll

Mia… For Mother’s Day, I will tell my mom all the things I like about her. I’ll tell her that I think her hair looks pretty and I want to look just like her when I grow up.
Signed: Mia, an honest friend


My Friend Huggles Bia Doll

Bia…For Mother’s Day, we are going to do everything that my Mom wants to do because every other day its what everyone else wants and she helps with a smile. I want her to feel the same specialness as she makes us feel special every day.
Signed: Bia, a fair friend


My Friend Huggles Kira Doll

Kira…For Mother’s Day, I plan to tell my mum lots of jokes because we love to laugh! We laugh so hard sometimes we get tummy ache’s from giggling so much! The first thing I will do is run into her room and give her a big hug to start her day off right!
Signed: Kira, a cheerful friend


My Friend Huggles Sofia Doll

Sofia…For Mother’s Day, my sister and I have spent all week planning how we
will shower our mum with love! We got her favourite flowers to start! Then we are
taking her to see her mum too- so all of us are together. Lastly, we wrote a song
about how much we love our mum and gramma.
Signed: Sofia, a generous friend


My Friend Huggles Rubi Doll

Rubi… for Mother’s Day the first thing I want to do is tell my mom that I owe
everything to her. I will make her breakfast in bed and a give her a card I wrote just
for her, telling her how thankful I am that she is my mom.
Signed: Rubi, a grateful friend