My Friend Huggles Brings Cheerfulness to Haiti!

Big Dolls Making a Big Difference. 

Haiti project photo

This summer, two students at the School of Physical and Occupational Therapy at McGill University found a way to bring My Friend Huggles to people who need them.

With the help of the Institute for Health and Social Policy, they travelled all the way to Haiti to support an ongoing training program that is one of the most important initiatives to train rehabilitation providers. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere with 80% of its population of 10 million living in great poverty (PAHO 1998). Haiti also has the lowest level of healthcare spending in the Western hemisphere.

My Friend Huggles dolls allowed them to help teach treatment techniques, so that kids could have access to the healthcare they need. Moreover, the Kira dolls brought a smile to many kids in the rehabilitation room while they were there for therapy.

A little smile goes a long way.

My Friend Huggles can make someone’s day.

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Our My Friend Huggles doll has been a constant sidekick for our daughter with ASD

Our My Friend Huggles doll has been a constant sidekick for our daughter with ASDMy daughters’ rec’d their Huggles this past Christmas from Santa. It was a big hit with both girls! I recommended to Santa that Huggles would be a great addition to their ever-growing collection of toys. They do not flash or have loud music coming from interior speakers (thank goodness), they won’t teach the girls to count, read or do multiplication tables. They do however offer an opportunity for our girls to have a friend with them wherever they go. My girls just love their Huggles. They’ve napped, had lunch and of course, had tea parties with them. They have also opened up new opportunities for me and my husband to help teach and encourage good values such as fairness, sharing and kindness using their Bia Huggles.

I was so impressed with these Huggles; I purchased them for some of my friends at work to give to their children. One of my friends has a child with a serious medical condition and visits the local children’s hospital often for tests and procedures. I have heard that her Huggle, Rubi has been a constant companion on her frequent medical trips and stays, always by her side.

I also purchased a Sofia for a friend with a child on the autism spectrum, not unlike one of my own children. Many times kids on the autism spectrum have difficulty socializing with their peers. Our Huggle has been a constant sidekick for my daughter with ASD and a great conversation starter for her when she meets new children.

We are very grateful for a toy that is not only cute and lovable, but allows us another venue to teach our girls values that are evermore lacking in today’s society. I will continue to give Huggles to friends and family members with young children. It is a concept that I am supportive of and a gift I feel good giving.

Ana, A Huggles Mom!


Are you looking for fun educational toys for kids and for children with special needs?

Our huggable life-sized dolls are soft, plush and colourful—excellent for children with special needs. Each is themed to a character value such as honesty, fairness, gratitude, kindness, generosity, cheerfulness, courage and confidence. Through a combination of meaningful play and self-awareness we encourage multisensory learning: auditory through our original theme song “Friends Forever” and catchy “Friends jingle” which plays during our on-line animation on our website, visual through our animated web pages and photographic blog posts, and kinesthetic through the sheer size of our large dolls (little ones can improve gross motor skills through imaginary play and fine motor skills while dressing and redressing our large dolls in toddler sized clothing). At My Friend Huggles we recognize that the greatest child development is achieved when all three styles of learning are available.

We will be at the Nurnberg Toy Fair (Hall C-39), January 30-February 4, 2013 and at the New York Toy Fair (Booth #1255, 3rd. bevel – Hall 3d) February 10-13, 2013, please come by!

My Friend Huggles Lily doll helps children with developmental disabilities learn kindness

My Friend Huggles Lily Doll Review: The Beauty of it All

“I was very excited to introduce a My Friend Huggles doll to my students. We received Lily whose character trait was kind. My students were very exited when we opened the box and removed Lily. I explained Lily’s character trait and gave them examples of how she would be kind to others and how they could be too. Later in the day we visited the website and read the challenge for kindness. My students are 3 and 4 and with developmental disabilities, so I modified it a little for them. I read aloud what the kindness challenge was then throughout the week I pointed out things we could do to be kind like helping a friend who fell down, comforting a crying friend, and sharing a toy with a friend. At the end of the week I gave each child the My Friend Huggles certificate for kindness that you can print out from their website. It was a perfect timing as we were wrapping up the end of our Friends theme. Lily now sits in our reading corner and the kids enjoy reading to her, or just laying with her when they need some time alone to calm down. My students and I really enjoy having her around and they have learned a lot about kindness.”

The Beauty of it All
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