I love kittens and dancing ballet.
I work to be kind every day.
Helping others and being kind
is the best way to show my family,
friends and community that I care.
Being kind makes me the best me I can be.

Here are my top 5 tips
on how to be Kind…

Be a good listener (two ears, one mouth)
Always say please and thank you
Be kind to yourself is a beautiful thing
Being good is good !
Treat others the way you like to be treated


Lily’s Poem
Sometimes I walk on my tippy toes
To follow where my kitty goes
I skip and slide and dance around
Until my little kitty’s found
A twirl can make the time go by
You should give it a try!

I am cheerful and love to skip jump
and play with balloons.
My goal is to spread joy!
Having a positive cheerful attitude
is fun to be around and
makes everyone feel good.
My mom always tells me
even if its raining/snowy or grey outside,
you bring your weather with you
and be sunny on the inside.

Here are my top tips
on how to be cheerful…
Try something new
Laugh and have fun
One Smile a day keeps the frown away
Be active and energetic
Do something good – it will inspire others!


Kira’s Poem
I’m practicing to jump way high
To reach the ceiling then the sky
I sing about my wish to soar,
And float above my bedroom floor.
Want to come and hop together?
You’ll feel as light as a feather!

In my cozy bed, I dream of ways
I can give back and be generous with others
as there is always enough to share.
There are not enough stars in the sky
to equal the love I have in my heart
to make this world a better place.
I’d even share my dreams if
I thought it would help!

Here are my top tips
on how to be generous…
Share because joy comes from giving
Think of others
Give a friend a hug
Share your dreams
Say something nice to make someone feel better


Sofia’s Poem
The sight of pillows makes me sleepy,
And shiny stars are so dreamy.
Up above a world so mighty,
Reminds me that I’m in my nightie.
When I step into cozy slippers,
I dream about little dippers.

I am grateful and thankful for every day!
I see that it’s the little things that make life fun!
Playing with my dog ,
the smell of my mom’s cookies,
feeling the sun on my face,
having my friends show me they care;
these are all things
that make me so thankful for my life!

Here are my top tips
on how to be grateful…
Appreciate every beautiful day
Look for the best in everything
Be happy with what you have
Enjoy the moment
Open your eyes, life is cool!


Rubi’s Poem
I love all kinds of flowers and know some by name,
If you look really closely they’re never the same!
I think I like flowers because they are pretty,
But sometimes their names sound kind of silly.
Come follow me and I’ll show you around,
There are so many beautiful things on the ground.

I think it’s very cool and fashionable to be fair.
Life may not always be fair,
but that doesn’t mean you can’t be!
Understanding that we are all equal
and treating others with acceptance
is how you can practice being fair.

Here are my top tips
on how to be fair..
Take turns
Play by the rules
When share everyone is happy
Don’t blame other people for your mistakes
Accept other peoples differences


Bia’s Poem
The park is where I like to play
I could run around and stay all day
Butterflies are fun to chase,
Come outside we’ll have a race!
I love it when you run with me,
Then we can sit under the tree.

Butterflies and cupcakes
are my favourite things!
But being honest, telling the truth
or asking for help when I need it
makes me feel so good about myself.

Here are my top tips
on how to be honest…
Be truthful with yourself and others
It’s about doing what’s right
Be yourself , you are one of a kind
Tell the truth as you will never remember a lie
Do your best or ask for help


Mia’s Poem
Help me chose the icing color,
Before I pour in all the butter.
Baking cupcakes is the best,
But don’t forget the lemon zest!
Take a sniff and smell your treat,
It’s just as pretty as it is sweet.